A Portfolio of Polymers

These resins are stocked regularly for the shortest lead time possible.

How does Uniplas, Inc. add value?

Uniplas, Inc. can add value to your business by providing you with consistent, high-quality materials that are responsibly sourced from approved manufacturers and vendors. Our post-industrial and post-consumer feedstocks are recognized for their continuously high quality. Everything that goes into what we provide is tested before, during, and after processing to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Our reputation is staked not only on the superb quality of our products and services, but also on the value that these materials offer to processors and the environment alike. By diverting material that would be landfilled by someone else, Uniplas, Inc. reclaims its purposeful value, and delivers those benefits to our customers.

The value that we offer goes beyond the material that we provide. Our 99% on-time delivery statistics provide peace of mind in a manufacturing environment that does not tolerate anything less than Just-In-Time performance. As a full-service thermoplastic resin supplier, Uniplas, Inc. will always be available to assist our customers in any way possible. Our commitment to our customers is evident from the staff answering the phones, to the millions of stellar parts that have been produced using Uniplas, Inc. materials.

“I received a rush order for parts, and found that nobody could source the material in time. It was New Years Eve, and the job needed to be finished by the end of the weekend. I was finally able to find the material with Uniplas, and Jason Lewis assured me that the material would be at the molder in time. I later came to find out that Jason had rented a truck and drove four hours, on NYE no less, to deliver the material on such short notice. His exceptional service quickly convinced me to award Uniplas my business, and they have continued to provide both exceptional service and quality products for the last few years.”


“Uniplas, Inc. was able to come up with a solution when I was having trouble molding with regrind material. They sourced a reprocessed nylon that eliminated dust during the drying process, and resulted in less scrap.”

“My PC/PBT supplier was increasing their lead times to the point where I could not work with them. Uniplas was able to test my material, and develop a resin with identical properties. From the time I called them, it took only two weeks before they were delivering the material I needed.”