LCA® Resins

Our Uniplas LCA® Brand materials are formulated using post-industrial, post-consumer, and prime feedstocks.  They are designed to meet your application specifications.

Types:  Unfilled, filled, high-heat, low gloss, high gloss

ABS displays excellent impact resistance and toughness.  Its ease of processability and machinability make it ideal for visual parts, trim components, furniture, and other assemblies.


Types:  Copolymer, Homopolymer, Filled, Unfilled.

Acetal (POM) is frequently used for precision parts that require high stiffness, excellent dimensional stability, and low friction.  Acetal is frequently used in fasteners, gears, and zippers.

Types: PC/ABS, PC/PBT, PPE/PS. General Purpose, High Flow / High Impact, Filled, Unfilled, UV, High Gloss, Low Gloss.

LCA® Alloys are compounded to achieve a variety of properties, as determined by the application specifications.

Types:  Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 612.  Unfilled, Reinforced (5 – 60%) glass, mineral, toughened, lubricated, heat stabilized,and High Heat.

Found in applications worldwide, Nylon (Polyamide) exhibits excellent high temperature resistance, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and good chemical resistance.  Nylon can be found in films, electronics, and other consumer goods.


Type:  Copolymer, Homopolymer, Unfilled, Filled (talc and glass), Low to High Flow, and Low to High Impact.

Polypropylene is commonly found in living hinge applications, due to its excellent resistance to fatigue.  Its light weight and low cost are extremely attractive characteristics, especially for automotive, appliance, and industrial applications.


Types:  TPE’s – Shore A&D Durometer, PP and PE based.  TPO’s  Filled and Unfilled.  All can be made custom to meet your needs.

These multiphase materials combine some of the best hard phase properties of thermosets with some soft phase properties of elastomers.  These thermoplastic elastomers offer good cost/performance value, as well as chemical resistance to acids, bases, and salts. TPE’s are commonly found in toothbrush handles, appliance knobs, gaskets, and gel inserts.


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